Discover the Next Generation AI Sex Doll from APD Sex Dolls. These dolls are like nothing you’ve seen before and are way ahead of the curve as far as where all of the other dolls in the market are. These sex dolls can be programmed to be your perfect girlfriend, they’ll say what you want them to say when you want them to say it. They use an artificial intelligence program that will allow them to learn and adapt to situations in the ways that you want. It doesn’t stop there! Our dolls move their heads, eyes, lips, cheeks when they’re talking so they seem even more realistic.

CHERRY – Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Sex Doll with Facial Expressions / Deep Learning / Heating


1), Background management system: you can program content that the robot can interact with you during sexual intercourse. So the robot can say anything that you want, flirt, stimulate the sexual atmosphere. You can teach the robot to say things or remember things. The more you interact with her the smarter she will be. The longer you spend time with her, the more she will know you and understand you.

2), Touch sensor moaning system when you touch the robot’s private parts, the boobs, vagina, and thighs, she will make very exciting moaning to interact with you.

3), Human temperature heating system, with warm hugs and warm touch feeling.

The robotic functions:
1), Real companion: With the talking ability, she will be your best friend, talk to her about your feelings, your dreams, everything that happens during the day, or talk dirty to her during sex. She can be the best friend as well as the best sex partner.

2), Mimic facial expression: with the vivid cute little smile, makes you feel that the robot in front of you really understands you and feels you.
She can not only satisfy your physiological needs but also meet your psychological needs.


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