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APD Sex dolls has a variety of life-sized sex dolls available, these dolls are true to life and everything as realistic as the real thing. Ok, maybe not exactly, but pretty darn close! She’ll stand for you, sit for you, feel warm to the touch, react to your touch, and in the case of our AI dolls she’ll even talk to you. That’s right, with our AI dolls they can say whatever you want, but they also have a mind of their own, they can learn from your interactions and get to know you better.

They look so realistic on this website right?

Our dolls are delivered to you just the way they are featured on this website. Svelte, sexy, hot, stunning – our dolls can be described with endless compliments and praises, but the common factor is how realistic they look. We have a talented team of partners who work tirelessly to create human-like appearances for each doll. There are endless dolls to choose from – no two dolls are same, which is why they have different names and distinct personalities so you can easily connect with each one on a human level. This is deliberately done so your sexual experience is as close to reality as it can get.

What’s Included?

Your doll comes with a wig and a set of clothing or nightie. Depending on availability it may not be the clothes shown in the product photos. The doll shipped is always exactly as seen in the photos.

Clothing Size: When trying to determine a clothing size we recommend that you utilize the body measurements listed to check the size chart of the clothing manufacturer to get the appropriate size for their clothing.

Shipping Information

Every doll is made-to-order so each customer only receives brand new, quality products. The WM 157cm B-cup is one of the most popular body sizes with a current production queue length of 14-21 days, after which you will be emailed photos of your doll. Once we receive your approval, your doll will be prepared for shipping by gently wrapping the doll in blankets before it is secured in protective styrofoam, ensuring your package arrives safely. Once shipped, you will receive your package from FedEx within approximately 7 days. Your doll arrives in a discreet, unmarked box to maintain your privacy.

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