Make Daphine Purr Like a Cat

Daphine has a deep love of cats. Her room is full of stuffed toy cats, real cats, and her favorite thing is her cat costume. She enjoys playing dress-up as a cat. Daphine puts on her ears, sexy bra, and panties with a white tail so she can pretend she’s a cat. Once the outfit is on, she becomes an animal. Daphine crawls around the bedroom on all fours stalking her prey. She has her sights set on you to scratch the itch she has deep inside her.

Daphine’s lithe little body slinks around the bedroom like a predator. She shakes her ass in the air and purrs for you. She wants you to play with her, and the way she wants to play is sexual. Daphine wants you to take her hard from behind. Being fucked on all fours makes her feel like the animal she is on the inside. You don’t have to be gentle with this erotic feline either; Daphine wants to be fucked as hard you can give it to her. Daphine wants you to help her fulfill her dreams of being a cat, and you can make her pussy purr all night long.

Cute Cat Sex Doll Little Girl Daphine 125cm


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